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hanging out with audiophiles

Jun 25, 2021

I'm so happy to have had a chance to chat with Bill Schnee about everything from the art of recording drums, to his opinions on truthful recording vs recording as a way to make a cartoon (all shall be revealed!) We get to talking about some of the legendary recordings he's made with Marvin Gaye and Whitney Houston . I mean CHILLS guys.. absolute CHILLS. Just hard to fathom the industry in those days and also hard to fathom the incredible level Bill was operating at.

He has over 125 Gold and Platinum records and 50 top twenty singles, and is known as an engineer’s engineer. I'm very happy to say that he's written a new book. It's called Chairman at the Board and it's is an intimate, funny, and absorbing look at the music business by an insider who has recorded a host of the greatest musical artists of the last fifty years.

find it here :


Here's a quote from another legend about this legend!

Exercising the purely physical genius of a surgeon or dancer, Bill does recording, mixing, and producing extraordinarily well … maybe better than just about anyone else, living or dead.


link to chat with Andrew Scheps here

What's new at Lidell HQ?

Going on a trip to LA to see my friend Vicente and finally use the Neumann head!

also... I was on podular modcast EP 158

other news...

Notion took over Trello in the productivity efforts. Thanks to listener Simon Lane I'm deep in a Notion ocean. So far barely afloat but hey.. Deep dives seem to be my thing these days.

I've had my U47s in for repair. Hard to imagine how they got so badly were soldered and wired inside at one time. Someone got them pretty mucky, luckily I've found Dave Wheeler at Nashville vintage audio

Music for the show comes from NED RUSH!

If you dont know him, he's a rather tremendous musician and unrivaled ableton teacher.

This is a deep album and he's even made a more recent one. Check him on the bandcamp.

His YouTube channel is ESSENTIAL viewing here

NITTY see me dicing it up with a prob knob

I get to Using the cirklon to make rendered audio cut in and out thing with prob on a knob. All shall become clear :)

For anyone with a cirklon or wishing to learn about the box check this video ! EPIC and brief....well as brief as it can be at around 33 hours. The best cirklon videos out there without a doubt.

splitradix demos aux events

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