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hanging out with audiophiles

Dec 24, 2022

Merry Chrimble y’all!

Here’s a sonic present for your ears to unwrap. 

It’s in the form of a nice fireside ramble with the excellent Stephen James Wilkinson aka Bibio. 

He’s a wonderful and thoughtful chap with a very unique touch and a searching soul. 

I love his musical range, his tones, his playing....

Dec 13, 2022

Such a treat to chat with Jeremy aka Red Means Recording. Now you must know who he is right? If not well you're in for a treat. He's an amazing creative soul and funky chap that makes excellent music, teaches and creates exceptional YouTube videos that go deep into the synth and electronic musical world. Highly...

Nov 9, 2022


Jamie again.

I caught up with this busy Fred on his current US tour. 

He’s been busy you ask? 

Oh yes. I mean so so busy. 

For one thing he’s penned massive pop numbers with Ed Sheeran, Stormy and other huge acts

Did you know that? 

I mean BIG BIG songs. 

And YET his mentor and good friend is none other than

Oct 25, 2022

Max Tundra is Ben Jacobs

A man that was a child that grew up in London.

As pointed out on his bandcamp, he went to the same school as Jude Law and a Chemical Brother, but didn’t know them.

In this disposable content age, there’s an undeniable urge to go for quantity over quality is there not?

The music Ben makes as...

Oct 9, 2022

Nigel is my kind of producer He has a strong sense of quality, a strong sense of who he is and what potentials artists have to be cultivated and captured. He’s my kind of producer because he gets his hands dirty and doesn’t just act as a fan of the band and take on that guru role but he’s in the trenches, setting...