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hanging out with audiophiles

Nov 20, 2023

He's worked with Donny Hathaway. That's it. That's all the intro he really ought to need. I mean can you IMAGINE being in the room with Donny singing? Too much. Ah but Jimmy has worked on music from Aretha, Otis Redding, The Rolling Stones not to mention his extensive collaboration with Timbaland. Yeah, Jimmy is...

Nov 6, 2023

Great to chat with Brian and Josh from the band !

we talk minidisk, the joys of analog, hurdy gurdy and fish. I mean if that doesnt tickle yer fancy I dont know what to say :)

Various links feel like they cropped up in the show

--Valentin Clastrier - Master of the Gurdy


Oct 12, 2023

My guest on the show is James Ford who is really one of the most badass producers in the business. 

Im talking about the kind of low key English badassness and not the Tarantino variety if you know what I mean. James is involved in so many things and yet he does it without needing a big spotlight on himself. Humble...

Aug 28, 2023


Jon Hopkins pays attention. He has a ear for the smallest details and a deft touch both as a pianist and a producer. 

I feel this interview is very timely as the rise of psychedelic therapy has caught the imagination of so many.

Jon has made music that is so perfect for those wishing to go deeper with their...

Aug 17, 2023


After a hefty and well needed break I’m back

The pod returns :)

I trust y'all are hanging in.

I hope in fact you’re more than just hanging in.

I hope you are diving in and thriving and embracing the endless realm of possibility that presents itself to you.

Don’t worry, I’ll not linger on the guru...