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hanging out with audiophiles

Oct 29, 2018

Im very happy to be welcoming the mighty voice of Rag ’n Bone man to the show ! He’s lending his generous mind and voice and spreading a very welcome message of hope in these times. It can feel overwhelming in 2018. There’s so much noise, one might wonder if there’s a way to cut through? Well listen to Rory...

Oct 15, 2018

Welcome to another remote LA pod!

It’s a REAL treat to have had a sit down and chin wag with the fabulous gent and badass musical mind that is Si Bonobo!

We’ve orbited in the same musical lands since the early 2000’s and yet this is the first substantial convo we’ve had.

Bring it on I say :) he welcomed me into...

Oct 1, 2018

The Funk Lordz have boarded the pod.

we go waaaaay back and yet we've rarely had a chance for a proper chin wag. They were rolling thro Nashville so I HAD to hang with these  2 legends!

We talk about surviving and evolving, keeping it fresh, staying power, LA, New York, Prince and what not.

Freestyle rambles of funk....