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hanging out with audiophiles

Dec 25, 2019

Merry Crimble one and all!

Yo ho ho and so forth as we smoke some peace at Dave's house. 

I hope you are all enjoying some down time and it's good hang. If not I call this one the escape pod so hopefully you can relax a little as we get into our hearty end of year ramblathon. 

Dave is a legitimate legend at this point....

Dec 9, 2019

My son always reminds me that New Zealand is 8000 miles from Nashville. That number is etched in my head now but

What could it MEAN?

Surely being surrounded by that lush and splendid setting growing up must have a huge impact on ones sonic sense?

I feel a ramble coming on!

Yep we meander-chat about the wind, pavlova...