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hanging out with audiophiles

Sep 30, 2019

A man who I’ve heard of many times and yet never had a chance to meet.

Gotta love the pod for this coz after my chat with Mr Vaderslice on Episode 51 I was introduced. 

Mr Congleton is so fast. He’s quick witted and on point. He knows what he thinks and has clearly taken a long time to come to his opinions.

You know...

Sep 16, 2019


This is the commonwealth edition.

Like the Ashes of Audio it’s UK vs Australia. 

Justin Stanley FINALLY finds his way to the pod. 

First and foremost Mr Stanley is my friend. We’ve been on some serious adventures in our times.

We were on the road together in 2006, where we met touring with Beck. 

I was opening...

Sep 2, 2019



I was listening to Larry Klein on a recent mix with the masters explain this idea that a producer is someone that sees the spark of uniqueness in an artist and tries to amplify that. 

That is a noble process and so nuanced that it takes years to know when to speak, when to encourage, when to...