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hanging out with audiophiles

Jul 22, 2019

I’m happy to welcome grammy award winning musician/producer Adrian Quesada to the 50th Episode of the show! 

Let’s just jump into the big list of collaborators he’s rocked with to get a quick taste of the caliber of this gent!

How about Shawn Lee?! Yeah! as well as Ocote Soul Sounds,  Martin Perna of Antibalas… so so many more

He’s performed on the Late Show with David Letterman as well as twice on PBS' historic Austin City Limits TV Show. 

He has also worked with Prince, GZA (Wu-Tang Clan), Bernie Worrell, Daniel Johnston, Israel Nash, Alex Maas (The Black Angels), Larry Harlow, Quantic and many more. 

As a producer Quesada has worked on albums by Daniel Johnston, The Sword, Natalia Clavier, Karl Denson, Toy Selectah, Wild Child, Graham Reynolds and Ian Moore, among others.

 I mean that’s not the HALF of it! 

We catch up as he’s deep in the mix at his superb Austin based studio, Electric Deluxe Recorders. 

He’s coming out for an air break so we literally hear a rare sonic glimpse of the local wildlife outside the cave where he is working feverishly at all times…

That smell? Yeah he’s likely cooking up amazing musical morsels like the NEW! HOT!  release from the Black Pumas which is the focus of our chat!


So yes, we’ve a Super humble badass in the hotchair

 Hey Adrian! I’m 50! 


Info Splash time:



tw: @adrianmquesada



Nitty sees me trying to “music” with filters.

6 filters and a smile :)


The music for the show comes courtesy of Kim Gaboury 


Find all the info about him here: