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hanging out with audiophiles

Jul 8, 2019


Hello !


Greetings from the SONIC RANCH in El Paso!

Woe. I’m in another world right now

Massive thanks to Dave Sitek for inviting me out into space.

I’m blown away. The people here are so great and the studios are just absolutely bonkers.

Most importantly it’s a totally secluded zone. The head expands.

Almost as many cats as people and WAY more pecan trees!



Welcome to Episode 49.

I met this Frank (Bink Beats) when we did a show together in Amsterdam recently.

I was sitting in with him on a couple of songs. Side note : one of the numbers we did is a new track that I hope finds the light of day!

We had a pretty hectic day of practice in the venue followed by show but nevertheless we snuck in a quick chat.


Frank is a serious badass. A player of a million objects and a hell of a signer to boot. 

Great to have him on :)


In the nitty I explore the sonic ranch’s amps a little and send all sorts of stuff into speakers.

Some shall be spinning and some just spaced and weird. Check it!


Music for EP 49 comes from Evan Geesman. 

Good stuff!