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hanging out with audiophiles

Apr 1, 2019

Hello 41 ! 

Hello to this now vintage chat with Matt Sweeney recorded June 14 2018.

I was first introduced to Matt trough my friend Pete Townsend.

Not THAT Pete but another Pete! 

There’s a rather fantastic band by the name of Super Wolf and Pete plays drums, Matt’s on guitar and Will Oldham aka Bonnie Prince Billy is singing. 

It’s hard to not be moved by that music and every element is crucial to the buzz. 

Who’s that amazing guitarist you ask? Yep, it’s Matt Sweeney.

Let’s have a quick celebratory tour around some of this lads achievements!

He’s been in bands like Skunk, Chavez and Super Wolf

He’s played on records with Johnny Cash, Cat Power, Andrew W. K., Run the Jewels, Eagles of Death Metal and maybe more

He’s produced .. oh boy he’s produced!

He’s lent a crucial touch to the making of the Red Dead Redemption 2 soundtrack. 

(This is the then secret stuff we couldn’t talk about!)

In 2016, Sweeney toured with Iggy Pop and Josh Homme to support their album Post Pop Depression.

He’s been interview by the Epic Marc Maron (EP 637)

Matt is the creator of the fan bloody tactic Guitar moves

Here's a couple of classic episodes for ya:

Keith Richards! 

Blake Mills!

Matt is a investor in the popular superiority burger:

To be found East 9th st Manhattan


What’s in the chat? Wellllll

We tackle fear and inaction and how to overcome it. Yep. We’ve solved it so take a listen :)


Don’t be afraid to ask “is there a budget”

Finding the budgets that are hiding in the music puzzle.

You’re Welcome!


Thanks to Steve Lynch for the music for Ep 41

Check out his ocean inspired “Tides”



Nitty Gritty wise I explore extraordinary noise. VELVET noise! as Maron might say WTF?