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hanging out with audiophiles

Jan 7, 2019

Hey 19

Happy 19

Intrepid 19

Here's to you and me in the new year. Let's GO! 

I'm kicking this annual run of shows in the stars with a chat with the chap that goes by the name of Juro Mez Davis. Starting as an MC in NYC and learning the ropes by pure graft and hands on MAKING with some intense folk (like MF doom) this guy can make a mix bump. We get into his come up and the work he does with Hip Hop legend J Cole! Yes indeed

Thanks to Audeze for making the connection and providing stupidly good headphones. KOD by J Cole was MASTERED on the Audeze phones! craziness.

In the nitty gritty I get into exploring a modified cassette deck as an echo. It's a wonderful and wobbly ride! 

Thanks to Scott Campbell for his ingenious crafting and toil. It's a total treat to work with 

n n n n n n nineteen!