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hanging out with audiophiles

Jun 8, 2021

I’ve known this multi platinum renaissance man for some time now and I could tell, when we worked on the Lianne La Havas song “Green and Gold” that his skills went WAY beyond the technical. I can safely say that were it not for his expert manner in the room, that song never would have made it. Those are the kind of experiences that stay with you.
It came as no surprise to later learn he’s worked on records by Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Mary J. Blige, Common, The Strokes, Robert Glasper, and Erykah Badu. Yep he’s rather nasty at mixing and producing. He’s also taken a large role in producing work by badass bands like Battles and Die Antwoord.
We nerd dive into a wide pool of topics from coffee to the holiest of Mics.. He has one in his possession that has THE most incredible back story.
Chris is a master of the studio both in terms of the precise and fast execution of the all important technical stuff to the refined and nuanced energy required to draw out the best in musicians. Needless to say I’m mightily chuffed to have him grace the show :)
In the nitty I dive into the instant joys of the Expert Sleepers app called CROSSFADE LOOP SYNTH
Absolutely wicked! Beardyman uses it heavily in his live shows and I can see why. It’s a very tasty thing indeed that lets you sample and move with no messing about. INSTANT!!
It’s like a Casio SK1 on roids. Highly recommended
Music from the show comes from
YAW EVANS and this EP is right here!
Kind show sponsorship comes from Avid who make a little known app called PROTOOLS! woo.
As I mention in the slot, I have made ALL 84 episodes in Protools and I’ll tell you why it’s still my fave :)
Check this link to check out the software.
You can now get Protools First to have a try and it’s absolutely FREE :) cant beat that.
Other Links_____
Chris Tabron homepage - has a cool Spotify playlist of his work. Well worth a look. Plus you get to see his setup which is prime!
Listen to Chris on the excellent DW Fearn podcast also!
Did I mention that I LOVE this pod ?
I caught up with mylarmelodies recently on his ace pod which you can find here:
In case you missed it here’s that Otari CV mod that’s now on order from Shawn Everett, Jonathan Rado and more! Hip.
Other CV tape joy to be found here!!
Hainbach got the nagra to varispeed under CV