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hanging out with audiophiles

Sep 16, 2020

Welcome to EP 72 where I’m joined by Olivier Alary and Berlin-based composer Johannes Malfatti as we discuss the making of their new collaborative album ‘u,i’ 

A remarkably timely release that strikes a powerful resonance with our recently heightened experiences of connection and isolation under pandemic conditions. ‘u, i ’ was recorded over VOIP (voice over internet protocol), using the technology as both creative tool and conceptual frame. 

Fascinated by the way technology materializes memory, and by “the sound of its failure, pushed to its limits and breaking apart”, they suggest that their sound here “might be described as ‘Hauntological music 2.0’, as it has a certain ghostly melancholia and foregrounds an awareness of the medium transforming what you hear.”

Release date for u,i is 25th Sep 2020

I trust you’ll follow this link the label to find out more :)

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Here's Olivier's Spotify playlist of contemporary music that he is into :)

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Music in this episode comes from a returning badass “good glued barometer”

He’s got a new EP to check out that you can listen to in the show. 

It’s called “pedestrian-priority” and you can find it NOW NOW NOW!

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In the nitty I try my hand at the low ways of the internet…

Here’s that naughty bandwidth eating app!

Network link conditioner lets you can explore the goodies in the bad call at will:

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Thank you to ADDAC systems for kind show sponsorship !