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hanging out with audiophiles

Dec 9, 2019

My son always reminds me that New Zealand is 8000 miles from Nashville. That number is etched in my head now but

What could it MEAN?

Surely being surrounded by that lush and splendid setting growing up must have a huge impact on ones sonic sense?

I feel a ramble coming on!

Yep we meander-chat about the wind, pavlova (important beef. Not beef Pav, the other kind of beef), the promise of 20% sax and the giddy power and cruelty of naivety in the world of Baynk.

I had a good writing hang with him in LA sometime ago and was happy we found a sec to natter.

 I realized this chat is showing it’s age now as we had this convo a year ago. 

I was curious how things might have matured and settled for Jock in this time. He has kept the releases very controlled and high quality. Well worth a listen!

His “Someone’s EP II” is superb and got a bunch of tasty remixes including one from Machine Drum, my guest on episode 40.

Only a few days ago a new jam hit the webs, an instrumental mellow burn called “High” 

Please welcome to the show Baynk!


Music for today’s show comes from. 

Chris Nickolls who makes music under the name 'Kmodo'

'Cold Fusion' is his first release and features Berlin based singer Clara Hill

And you can find his music on/in? The cloud!




Nitty 60 sees me having a good ole sing into the rather superb DUBLER from UK company Vochlea 

Here’s the link to their box of tricks: