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hanging out with audiophiles

Feb 4, 2019

Hello JMJ!


Bass player badass who’s thumbed the metal for beck, NIN, Air and so many more

Producer of paramore, M83 and so many more.

The man wears many hats. Although the only one I’ve SEEN him in is a dodgers cap!

JMJ was kind enough to host me at his rather splendid home studio in Glendale LA.

Chock full o drool worthy wobblers of the various golden eras he’s amassed the sonic arsenal to tackle almost any production task


I’ve had the pleasure of recording music with justin when beck invited me to a session some time ago and I was blown away by his playing. He’s one of the most incredible bass cats out there. Combining THAT talent with a deep sense of how to get THOSE tones positions him as a perfect producer and he’s done bloody well in that role. Big hat stacks!


We chat about the wonderful gear he’s collected and why he is drawn to it. The chase of the buzz (big topic). The path to avoid burn out. A little arm chair philosophy on the nature of sound and MORE! Ha. 


It gives me great pleasure to welcome JMJ to the show


In yee olde nitty I delve into the pocket as it were to pull out the ever present power that it the phone! 

Yep. I’ll be using the phone as a speaker and mic in relatively lavish ways. What if we thought of the phone as a studio microphone?

What if the humble speaker onboard was treated like an amp ?


Yes. Yes 


Hello 37