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hanging out with audiophiles

Feb 24, 2020

We go back me and Al.

Yep, I was the producer on Allen’s 2019 album, Building Balance so we spent a long time in the studio making sounds and singing whee songs. It’s a pleasure to have him on the show to talk about something a little different. We explore advice to up and coming artists from his perspective. He explains his evolution from solo hard head into a team player and why that’s his preference for the long game. He’s been on the road and working super hard for many years now and he’s always thinking about how to keep it moving. Good stuff! 


I’m happy to have been a GUEST on another pod recently. The good fellows at ESOTERIC MODULATION had me on. Ben Wilson (div kid) and Ed Ball are excellent hosts. It’s a great show for those into the outer worlds of sound and art process. Most glad I made it on. Had a blast! Here’s a link to that episode:



Music for the show comes from France via an artist called Nacara. If you dig it, dig in more here!



In the nitty I get into the famous CIRKLON sequencer (albeit in a rather basic way)

Thanks to Mark at retro gear shop here in Nashville for the loan! Check his store! Absolutely bonkers gear…

My idea is to create generative questions and answers. It worked!