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hanging out with audiophiles

Jun 25, 2018

Super happy to have Mark on the show! Modern legend with the hefty pedigree and the skills to move with the times What a crazy road he’s had working alongside some of the biggest and brightest in the biz We chew the cud in a comfy part of his new studio zone at the sound factory in Hollywood Where many a badass record has been made and where WHATS GOING ON was mixed… no biggie. What’s so cool is Mark keeps that spirit going so well with a great crew around him and a revolving door of top talent We chat about his new record label and the uber talented KING PRINCESS, we chat AMY WINEHOUSE we chat about inspiration And beyond Good stuff. I get into the transformation game in nitty gritty. The alchemy of vocal to synth, guitar to synth I crack out my old pal the MS20 for a ride into change town. Thanks again to the excellent people at for the kind show sponsorship Cheers all Was a fun one to make J