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hanging out with audiophiles

Apr 12, 2022

First of all please send music, comments and jokes to and I’ll check em :)

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Let's get on with the show!

Ive been lucky enough to work with Daniel on my album Compass (2010) where he overdubbed a stack of these double speed, beautiful burnt crystaline, shimmering pentatonic runs that wind their way through the song “completely exposed”

I was working with Chris Taylor from the Band Grizzly bear which is how many of you will have doubtless discovered the magic of Mr Rossen’s voice and song craft and what a craft it is!

His style is so singular and he’s got that passion in his writing and playing that sets him apart with an intricate, elegant touch on guitar that has both urgency and solidity. There’s real fire in him and at the same time a soft vulnerability and it all races around in these huge landscapes he paints in sound.

Amazingly this is his first LP and what a beauty it is. A Timeless beauty at that.

It’s called YOU BELONG THERE and was released a few days ago on APRIL 8 2022 on warp records.

He’s currently out there, SOLO on the road on a short US and Euro Tour. I saw him in Nashville and was mesmerized. What a talent he is. A humble soul also, with immense talent and a welcome dash of dry humour.

HERE is a link to his webpage so you can see he’s coming to your town :)

so with all that said, please welcome to the show, the rather wonderful.

Daniel Rossen


This episode features music from 5 excellent contributors!

Oort CLoud services:


No CIty West


Rok Zalokar

Thank you to Fabfilter for sponsoring this nitty episode!

I get super deep into the world of Timeless 3, their absolute BEAST of a delay plugin.

It can pitch shift, distort, lofi, reverberate and custom tap its way into your world.

It’s available for desktop AND ios and I’ve made a bunch rather sweet presets for it on my adventures with it that work on both platforms. SO killer.

In the nitty I explore the idea of making evolving delay sequences using the excellent tap designer part of the plugin.

Patreons get the presets of course ! some juicy ones based on my marshall time modulator!



I was super excited to listen to the pod that mylarmelodies put out with James Blake HERE is the link. Some super insightful nuggets in there. I highly recommend you give it a listen if you’ve not already.