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hanging out with audiophiles

Jan 13, 2020

EP 62 - TIGA

Cosmic connection! Me and Tiga were born on the SAME day and the SAME year. PRETTY rare situation I’d say.

Feels right to kick off the 2020 with a little happy coincidence !

Hello by the way.

Who is TIGA? You kidding me?

Well let’s break down the man in a timeline styleee.

- He was born on an amazing day in an amazing year. 

- He’s run a record store (I mean for YEARS)

- He’s DJ’d all over planet 

- He’s been in a movie with other great Canadians.

- He’s a multi dad and he’s even a pod man like me :)

First off here’s the details about the pod:

“Last Party On Earth” is its name and it was launched in summer 2019 featuring chats with top folks such as 

Annie Mac,  Pete Tong and  Carl Cox

He promises more to come :)

Tiga has made a load of music.

Like 3 LPs and a ton of singles AND he’s remixed just about everyone and their dog!

Here’s a taste of the levels: 

He even tackled my 2010 single – "I Wanna Be Your Telephone" (Tiga’s Party Like It’s 1990 Remix)

It's rather banging!


We get into his LUCKY ways, the power of nativity

Minimalism as a lifestyle and a productivity booster

The reasons why we make art!

It’s alll here 

Welcome to pod 



In the nitty I reimagine note onsets and their relationship in space as delays from one another

That allows me to make a song about time.

Causality in action


Music from the show comes from Body Copy and a new EP called Spirit Dance: