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hanging out with audiophiles

Oct 28, 2019

Richard and I go waaaay back.

Yep, we were touring America together back in 2002 and that was the first time I met him. 

tWas a warp records tour with Mark Bell (RIP), Nightmares on wax, Prefuse 73, Luke Vibert and other nutters! 

He was the guy fixing everyone’s laptops on the bus I recall. We were all busy getting wasted and he was onto something else.

That pretty much explains the man. Super generous with his time and pioneering in his goals and accomplishments. Not a follower. 

Indeed, not content with just making LPs, touring and all of that trad life, Richard’s made his own path and now his work represents the high bar for sound design across the board. 

Whether working for Google, Yamaha or Jaguar Richard is the guy to figure out converting the unknown into the possible. A no to yes convertor. 

We talk about his toughest sonic challenge, the cutting edge of sound tech in 2019 and where he is heading in terms of his AI aspirations.  

We chat about the world of sound that lives above 20kHz.

Why analog ??? and a lot more. 

He’s a deep mind and this chat gets pretty specific in terms of tools used and so forth. 

You’re welcome!


Richard talks about a purely algorithmically generated set of music

Here’s a link:


Really something unexpected. 


Also That Sanken 100khz mic !


In the nitty today I dive into controlled chaos. Dipping an ankle into the portal!

It’s a lot of eurorack talk. Tricky to explain but I give it a go :)




?? bit of both like …



Music for today’s show comes from Fake Baby. Check it here!



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