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hanging out with audiophiles

Jun 27, 2024




A simpler time

When we apes first tooted.. the fluuuute

Yes it’s wild how far we’ve come and Matthew Herbert and I go back a bit too .. I mean not to the flute tooting era but we go back.

He speaks during this chat of his achievements as an evolved ape and many had me gasping ! 

He tells...

May 9, 2024

Superbooth 2024 here I come

Im in a rush but I promised a show so here it is :)

This is the second celebration of a wonderful maker in the eurorack world.

Meet Instruo. 

The company was founded by Jason Lim who is the guest on this episode and we discuss how a company like this can exist in the wild electric world.


Apr 26, 2024

Im joined by Matthew Allum (ALM/Busy Circuits) as we discuss the origins of one of the best loved and most popular eurorack modules of all time

Pam’s New Workout (and subsequent PRO form)

How does a person go from having a thought of an afternoon to running one of the worlds most beloved modular synth companies?


Apr 18, 2024

were you the co-developer of ableton live?

ah no

but Mr Henke

very much was.

Think about that for a minute.

It’s easy to forget as he’ll never bring it up without being prompted.

He’s not big on the dwelling and far more interested in his current obsessions.

Special interests (SPINS) as they are called are the...

Mar 28, 2024

With 20 albums under his own name and his instrumental group Cosmo, the man knows how to make a record.

He is a wildly accomplished and successful songwriter. For example in 2003 Harris he received the Grammy Award for Song Of The Year for Norah Jones’ breakout hit “Don’t Know Why,” from her debut album, Come...