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hanging out with audiophiles

Aug 21, 2021

I was very happy to catch up with Erick Elliott aka Erick Arc Elliott or Erick the Architect, a Renaissance man par excellence. He's a prolific and talented musician and producer and is arguably best known for his work in his band Flatbush Zombies but as you will find out he’s so much more than a musician at this point. He's not afraid to move into new and uncharted territory and I must admit it was his twitch channel (link here ) that made me an instant fan. It's so well done, his presence on the station is so infectious and the show runs like a wildly creative leap into a kaleidoscopic universe complete with tearaway videos, performances, downright silliness and you get the sense that this guy has an endless tap open on his creative stream. We get into all that.

The music, the come-up, harnessing the strength of being different, how to deal with self doubt and to have the courage of your conviction. We get into his collabs with James Blake and much more. It gives me great pleasure to welcome on the show Erick the Architect.

Link to his site here

Nitty sees me hitting sustain on the voice and piano artificially using Melodyne. Good fun

Music for the show comes from

Fish Go Deep - This Bit of Earth

Bonus links!

I mention the excellent mylarmelodies interview with Gareth Jones and Daniel miller. Find it here

Tchad Blake mix with the masters is here