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hanging out with audiophiles

Dec 24, 2018


Yhep we made it to the end of year special

Seasons greats from me to you!

Couldn’t be spending this episode with a better round up companion.

At long last I get to introduce you to the show’s spiritual advisor Mr Jake Aron!

We’ve toured the world together. From tiny 100 seaters to opening for Prince...

Dec 10, 2018

Welcome to another LA out and about pod, this time with the wonder that is Bobby Krlic Aka The Haxan Cloak.

We fall into a distorted time line as we chew the mighty cud sat humbly outside his calm studio in Silverlake. You’ll hear the passings by of local wildlife faintly muttering as we pontificate the meaning of...

Nov 26, 2018

Imagine being a young engineer and being thrown into the heady reality of holding down the tape machines and such for MANY a vocal recording session with Mariah Carey! Would you enjoy that rush? Would you crumble?

Imagine then going on to record and mix many many MANY albums for Alicia Keys…

Imagine working with...

Nov 12, 2018

Here we go ! 

No big deal, it's only Spike Stent. One of the greatest mix engineers EVER. He's put his hands and ears on countless MASSIVE (literally! lol) records. He's got Grammy's galore. Name dropping casually he's worked with Madonna, Depeche Mode, Beyonce, Bjork, Ed Sheeran, Massive Attack, Frank Ocean... I mean...

Oct 29, 2018

Im very happy to be welcoming the mighty voice of Rag ’n Bone man to the show ! He’s lending his generous mind and voice and spreading a very welcome message of hope in these times. It can feel overwhelming in 2018. There’s so much noise, one might wonder if there’s a way to cut through? Well listen to Rory...