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hanging out with audiophiles

Mar 3, 2022

my guest is Joe Gallagher !

I wanted to speak to him after I saw he was heavily involved in the making of the album Heaux Tales by Jazmine Sullivan which is just such a great record. I was curious to hear how he works in this capacity and in general seeing as he’s quite a private person and not super vocal on the socials etc. He’s worked as an engineer on music by Kehlani, Ariana Grande, Kindness, Usher and much more. A humble badass. I hope you enjoy this chat.

thanks once again to Diana Walsh for her help on the edit.

I’ve been working with Rob Burger to make new music to share in order to raise money for the terrifying, escalating Ukraine situation. I’ll be sure to alert you all when it’s ready.

I’ve been VERY busy with a hefty piece of max for live meets Touch OSC to control a rather excellent and dreamy pedal over MIDI. It’s coming super soon for you all to check. Im very proud of it. I hope it’ll be a new way to make sound for those of you that own the mystery pedal.. all shall be revealed VERY soon.

My masterclass with Aulart is coming very soon. I hope you’ll check it out!

I really put my heart into it and it’s like a bunch of really focused nitties on camera and some deep diving into my new song writing process that I think you’ll find freeing!

Here’s the link to it.

more LINKS:

here’s a link to a track from Jazmine Sullivan off the excellent Heaux Tales LP

in our chat we get into DJ Shadow and the movie “Scratch” and in particular this scene (4 mins 20 in )

Shout out to ADDAC system ! they sent me the amazing 112 looper and grains module and I’ve been have so much fun with it. It’s DEEP! Also I got some bridge units that allow CV to pass from one end of a big case to another. so so handy!

Thanks to Distrokid for the kind sponsorship :)

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