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hanging out with audiophiles

Aug 5, 2020

NEWS FLASH. Jack Harris schooled Prince!

He was a famous DJ in Minneapolis in the 60s when station KUXL was the only station playing R and B 

It was a daytime station only run from a Motel!

Prince would literally hang there as a 12 year old. Wild!

Jack Harris also sang and had his own band, writing and releasing music on Chess Records where he’d hang out with Howlin Wolf and all those amazing artists!

Just incredible to think of it. 

He ALSO is an undeniable reason why I met my wife. 

All shall be revealed! 

Such a pleasure to invite this legend to the show!


Music for this EP70 comes from Becena (pronounced buh-see-na). 

Support him here :

Wonderful stuff


In the nitty I get busy with the rare and magical box that is the Moog 16 channel vocoder. Immense sonic power that I run many vowels into and which provide 5 octave sample packs that I’ve packaged as 24 bit Kontakt instruments for the $10 Tier to get busy with.

Every show yields a nice curated sample pack. 

All the sounds are royalty free and you can get making with them. The $10 soul science level exists for the makers to make from my makings :) the cycle of make!


Yep, another fantastic company to buy from in 2020. BraVO Qubit 

Thanks to QUBIT Electronix sponsoring the show :)

They Just recently they released “Surface” the super flexible multitimbral physical modeling voice. 

Sounds like a wobbler. You know Ill be into it!