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hanging out with audiophiles

Sep 2, 2019



I was listening to Larry Klein on a recent mix with the masters explain this idea that a producer is someone that sees the spark of uniqueness in an artist and tries to amplify that. 

That is a noble process and so nuanced that it takes years to know when to speak, when to encourage, when to call it a night, when to listen and so on.

Brad knows aaaallll about aaaallll of this !

He’s an excellent energy in the room and so many musicians can benefit from his touch. 

I’ve only been privy to his vibe in a session on two occasions but his presence is both large and also magically effortless. 

I think it’s the fact that you know he gets it. He knows a real moment and he’s in it for the depth, not the racking up of medals and the shallow status games. 

The first time I met him, he was rather high and laughing at a bass. It was a gathering with Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver) and a large crew of players in Nashville where I ended up shouting into a mic with the other members of the collective they call “Gangs” . That first meeting was a great hang but there was no time to chat and so I was super happy to bump into him again on my mystical trip to the sonic ranch in Texas. Turns out that’s where a lot of the latest Bon Iver record was made and Brad was there the whole time as producer so it only seemed right to jump into that story and to see what that was all about and to feel out the ways Brad has learned to listen and cultivate the fledgling music growing in the room. He’s a formidable musician and a very easy going chap. I loved chatting with him!

Please welcome to the show BRAD COOK!




In the nitty I gently roll the dice on music asking what probability can offer the sequencer?

Take a chance!




Music for Ep 53 comes from Jeremy Hunter aka Doxa

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