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hanging out with audiophiles

Jun 24, 2019

Hello Amȯn Tȯbin!

He was Born in Brazil, but as you can hear from this interview he’s got a distinctively English twang having spent yonks in the UK.

I don’t want to give away the details of the chap’s timeline just yet as we get into all of that in this FaceTime chin wag.

Might I say at this point though that I feel mightily chuffed to have Amon on the show. 

He’s truly one of the outstanding living talents in Electronic music and that’s really not an overstatement.

He’s made a stack of cracking albums for London label 9Bar Records and of course the marvelous Ninja Tune. A relationship that kicked off way back in 1996. 

The boy doesn’t stop!

Now he’s busy as ever with his own label Nomark. 

He’s got hard drives and aliases up the wazoo and he’s making crazy shit every day and by the sounds of things a lot of new music is coming soon. 

The man has a masterful grasp of sound collage, from the wildest found sound and manipulated field recordings to the risky dark lands of additive synthesis and into modular madness.

He’s always managed to present his sound to the world on the stage without falling into the usual cliched confines of the club.

He’s performed at many a prestigious venue, such as the birthplace of musique concrete, the GRM in Paris.

In 2011 he seriously raised the bar on audio visual combos with the dazzling ISAM show.

When that footage started circulating I remember spitting out my coffee.

 It’s STILL one of the most incredible things to witness on the interwebs as a realization of potent audio visual immersions. A true SHOW. 

He also produced several original scores, ranging from the cult film Taxidermia to the video game blockbuster Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Constantly shifting and constantly inspiring. Please welcome the show one of the most visionary electronic artists of his generation

Amȯn Tȯbin 


In the nitty I get into the murky world of pitch tracking guitars and seeing if there’s any juicy noise to be had chucking the axe thro the modular.

Yeah… it’s a wobbly affair!


Good to be back :)

Cheers y’all


Music for the show comes from Brad Swanson aka “The Transparency”

Here’s the LP from which I removed and edits some pod snips. Good stuff!

It’s called aptly “It might get dark”

check it out: