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hanging out with audiophiles

Jun 10, 2019

47 brings the bonkers talent that is Ariel Rechtshaid! 

He’s had an incredible run of success with artists like Adele, Usher and of course Vampire Weekend (to name but three from a list of hundreds!)

This interview was conduced slightly before Vampire Weekend put out “Father of the Bride” to much critical and chart joy. We got to chatting about that process and how

they’ve become very solid friends over the years. The music they make comes from a deep trust and adventurous spirit which is something of a common thread in the stories you’ll hear on this pod.

Ariel’s got a strong point of view but a humble demeanor. He’s a true lover of many genres of music and can wear many hats: Playing, tracking, mixing and producing at a top level. 

A seriously hard working chap, he’s the real deal and I’m really chuffed to have him on the show.

He gave up a couple of hours to me to have me ramble with him at his spot in silver lake and it was a trip to hear it all from the horse’s mouth!

Cheers Ariel!



Nitty this time sees me dipping a toe into the poly rhythmic bath thanks to the max4live handiwork of 

benniy c bascom and his excellent POLYRHYTHMUS patch!


I explore 3 very simple examples.

2:3:6 with a CR78

3:4:12 with the 707 and

3:5:15 with a marimba 


Find the max for live patch here:


How to here: (benniy is AWESOME!)



Music for the show comes once again courtesy of good glued barometer aka Lee Beaumont!


Find his music here at his bandcamp page:




This episode’s sponsor is winter-modular


Makers of the very fine sequencing machine called the “Eloquencer”

A powerful and intuitive machine for use with in the eurorack domain and NOW 

In the wide word of MIDI thanks to the EME expansion unit.

Seriously badass machine and a great choice for anyone wanting to step away from the computer to make music.

I love mine. It’s really a choice box!