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hanging out with audiophiles

Nov 26, 2018

Imagine being a young engineer and being thrown into the heady reality of holding down the tape machines and such for MANY a vocal recording session with Mariah Carey! Would you enjoy that rush? Would you crumble?

Imagine then going on to record and mix many many MANY albums for Alicia Keys…

Imagine working with Usher, Jay-Z… Whitney Houston then opening your own brick and mortar studio in the heart of New York in 2011

Artists like Beyonce, Rihanna, Depeche Mode, J. Cole, Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, Lorde and so many more have since worked there!

Ann Mincieli is beyond the real deal. She has forged a career in the music biz at the highest level. On top of all her achievements she remains so humble and so hungry to learn!

We get into chatting about a new thing she and Alicia Keys have started called “she is the music”

Ann gives mention to these great female musicians/writers/producers/mixers. Check em out!

Trakgirl @trakgirl

Skylar Grey @SkylarGrey

jennifer decilveo @hijennwhatsup

Ingrid Andress @WhatIsAnIngrid


Alex Hope

YES! Welcome to Episode 32

I return to New York!

Meet up with my old pals

Ludwig Persik who's Album Forward Motion I produced with him a while ago. A hidden gem! check it out :)

I went to see Jake Aron in his studio in Brooklyn. So badass! (interview soon)

His wife and MASTER Jewelry maker Wing came through

Check her site for amazing christmas gifts! (Thank me later)

Nitty gritty is about slowing down the wobbles 

Perfect for a post thanksgiving hang!


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Get tones from 0 to 100000 in seconds. Crazy and Brilliant. Very happy to have him aboard!

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