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hanging out with audiophiles

Nov 12, 2018

Here we go ! 

No big deal, it's only Spike Stent. One of the greatest mix engineers EVER. He's put his hands and ears on countless MASSIVE (literally! lol) records. He's got Grammy's galore. Name dropping casually he's worked with Madonna, Depeche Mode, Beyonce, Bjork, Ed Sheeran, Massive Attack, Frank Ocean... I mean too many to bloody mention tbh. Needless to say he's the REAL deal. All of that and a superb chap who makes me chuckle. We get into the micro and macro. Fractal chats y'all! 

I get into using the polyend and dreadbox Medusa with the AMS 1580S for some sonic delights and music today is courtesy of MÒZÂMBÎQÚE