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hanging out with audiophiles

Oct 15, 2018

Welcome to another remote LA pod!

It’s a REAL treat to have had a sit down and chin wag with the fabulous gent and badass musical mind that is Si Bonobo!

We’ve orbited in the same musical lands since the early 2000’s and yet this is the first substantial convo we’ve had.

Bring it on I say :) he welcomed me into his home, we killed the AC and sweated it out for your listening pleasures.


Twas a top chat. We get into the come up and the evolution of Si’s styles and touch on his amazing live show setup and philosophy.

Couple of Brits at the end of the rainbow as it were. Chatting in the hills of LA. Must be doing something right!


Feeling very lucky. 


In the nitty gritty I get into a tricky gritty trying to tame the forces of feedback once again. This time feeding an eq into it’s own mind.

Does it work??


Av a listen!  


Thank yee 

Thank yee