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hanging out with audiophiles

Aug 28, 2023


Jon Hopkins pays attention. He has a ear for the smallest details and a deft touch both as a pianist and a producer. 

I feel this interview is very timely as the rise of psychedelic therapy has caught the imagination of so many.

Jon has made music that is so perfect for those wishing to go deeper with their experiences in that hugely rewarding domain. 

His is the mindset that wants to expand and to meditate instead of flex and win the popularity contests in the game of music. Very refreshing. 

We get into his beginnings in the classical world, his lack of patience with distracting factors and on to his success story and on to his musings on the current state of being a musician releasing music in this arguably confusing time.



The nitty returns !

I was fortunate enough to get an early copy of Andrew Huang’s first plugin :)

It's a collaboration with Baby Audio called “Transit”

It really inspired me to get my hands dirty and to explore it’s outer ways. 

I stacked up about 30 or so instances to pull off a tonal transition that is rather epic !

I learned from an older me on this one. In EP 58 I explored a related idea in Melodyne.

Here’s that show 







I’m happy to be able to offer listeners to the show a 10 % discount on TRANSIT when using the code


at check out

Here’s the plugin!! Check it :)


Here’s the Ableton session called “The Bends” that I made to demo this 

(sadly I forgot it’s the 11.3.10b5 Beta version of Ableton you’ll need to run this .. oops!) 



Big ups to Catechism and REZN for their music on this show. 

It’s from an album called “Infected Ambient Works

Here’s the link to it



A massive shout to show sponsor Soundtoys!

At the start of this episode I add the New SUPER PLATE and the classic PHASE MISTRESS plugins to a tape jam that’s fresh from my new studio and it just enters into a whole Different dimension. 

These are Shockingly good plugins! Some of the very best you can find. 

That’s why I’m so chuffed to work with these legends ! 

Check their masterful work here



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