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hanging out with audiophiles

Oct 12, 2021

Alex Bilo made the BTS mega smash hit Butter as part of a crack writing team.

A song that spent weeks and weeks at the Billboard number 1 spot.

Just huge. HUGE!

Hear how it went down from a man I'm happy to say is my friend. 

Yep it’s rare I’m friendly with such big writers but we go way back now..

Ah how the time flies!

Alex came up working with many badasses before he hit it big

Here’s some links to his old school crew:

Scott Jacoby

Kevin Rudolf



Welcome hit maker Alex Bilo! 


No nitty this time! First time in 90 shows.

Yep, it's a short pod this one. Hope you enjoy the brief look behind curtain. I'm making a new LP so I need my hours guys. Back to full speed in Dec.


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