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hanging out with audiophiles

Aug 5, 2021

Who is that Ned?
Well for one thing 
He is one of the very best players of the game of Ableton!
A sharp witted and rooted fellow.
He makes a lot of rather good, anarchic and playful music that can be found on his  bandcamp under the name Rude_NHS
look at titles like "flocks of pigeons making noises that sound like old women agreeing with each other"
cheeky rascal!
that's Ned
but he's also got his seriousness and an absolute level of badassssssery that you hear in his youtube drops, the man knows how to play the ! out of a gtr and a key and a bass and a drum. He is well versed in "traditional" music as well as immersed in the new school digital possibilities.
for more info about this very talented man click here
He was kind enough to share a very tasty ableton set of his for you all to check. Open this if you've a copy of live and take look around. Just bonkers right?  download for ff f f  FREE>>
Nitty 87 is part 2 of the Neumann KU100 Head sessions. This time it's all in an empty garage with paint pots, clap impulses, major doofs and the joy of processed binaural sound!
Thanks to STILLALIVE for the excellent show music!! so intense. I love it. 
Here's a link to all of his work. click it !!! 
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