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hanging out with audiophiles

Apr 27, 2021

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BOYS NOIZE speaks! I’ve been wanting to chat with Alex for AGES, all we needed was a nice long lock down to make it possible !

He’s a wonderful prolific musician who’s made a bunch great records alone AND remixed some monsters like Depeche Mode, Daft Punk, David Lynch and tons more. He’s collaborated with my pal Chilly Gonzales, an unknown artist called Skrillex, Hudson Hohawke, Spank Rock and recently even lady Gaga. Wild!!

In this chat we get deep into the truth behind all this making. Come and get the real info here.  This episode is arguably a very long nitty and it's dedicated to the makers of the heavy jams who want to know how it's actually done. This is a deep and heady chat with one of the masters of the banger. 


I get into a phase in the nitty but not THAT kind. 

Music comes from Andy Rivas

check it out here:

Thank you to the wonderful hologram electronics for their kind show sponsorship. The microcosm pedal is wild!! Check it !