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hanging out with audiophiles

Feb 26, 2021


A huge Multi welcome to the multi multi talent that is Jack Garratt!

He's a tremendous player and  musician/man that's well  aware of his mental health and how it all effects the outcome of the art. 

Love thyself people. Love and dancing.

There’s much merriment in this convo alongside some real talk. Hope you enjoy :)

Was a treat to finally catch up with this gent!

Here’s some Jack Links for ya.





Music for the show comes from

Brendan Bosworth. He used a bunch of sounds available on the HOWA patreon. So good!





In the Nitty I get into exploring a take on vocal techniques discussed in EP79 with Atom™ regarding vocal morphing and manipulation. I turn myself into a … well ...  you’ll hear.


Kind sponsorship comes from

SOYUZ microphones. They make tremendous equipment as endorsed by Nigel Godrich! Say no more. I run the flagship 017 model thro its paces and I loved it so much I had to get one. It’s now my go to mic for the pod :)

Check the line of offerings here: