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hanging out with audiophiles

Feb 26, 2021

ATOM™ is fluent in many languages
Spoken and musical

He's not afraid of collisions, especially of musical stereotypes

Hes been filed under:
Electronic music, postmodern music, glitch, IDM, Latin dance, techno, experimental, easy listening
electrolatino, electrogospel, and aciton music.

Ack ! He's much more than a bunch of labels.

One particularly fascinating record to me was his 1998 LP - Pop Artificial where he used a vocal techique to create characters from his own voice that still to this day sound super unique.
I was always curious about that.
Uwe talks to me about how it was REALLY done. I suddenly felt slightly ill trying to imagine the task at hand
It’s really quite mind boggling!
Sonic secrets revealed!

We chat a little about lock down life in Chile, the forced home studio and discoveries resulting from that sudden change

You may know his as Atom TM, Atom Heart, Señor Coconut or Uwe

He is all of them.

Please welcome them all to Hanging out with Audiophiles


NITTY is an exploration of a brand new instrument from the masters of synth design MAKE NOISE! 

It's a superb machine called STREGA and a collb with the badass that is alessandro cortini 



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Huge thanks to Jake Aron for his immense help with the interview sound retrieval! Heavy lifting. Contact him NOW for mixing and production. Hes awesome.

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