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hanging out with audiophiles

Dec 4, 2020

Hello!! Please join me on the patreon
My Guest is unquestionably one of the grandfathers of Hip Hop.
Please Welcome, the Visionary Inventor of music making instruments that have truly stood the test of time. Dave Rossum
Maker of the SP-1200, Emulator samplers, Proteus, Assimil8or
And Whatever next?
It’s a true pleasure to chat with such a brilliant mind and generous, warm soul that has given us so much.
Nitty sees an alias of mine getting gritty with a tin lid and slowing the hand prints of Hainbach many octaves.
It’s true.
How about Something a little different?
There’s 3 musicians on the pod!
We have tracks from
Juliaan music
Marty Byrne Music
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