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hanging out with audiophiles

Nov 11, 2020

Gloves on!

My guest on Ep 76 is the excellent Imogen Heap.

She's a lady unafraid of asking some big WHYS.

Like for example WHY does the record business have to look the same as It did in the time when physical records and label structures were the norm?

WHY must the artist have to hire teams of people to negotiate complicated wiggly pathways of the old clunky industry that really ought to be simplified for the good of getting the art to the ear?

Imogen has been so open and transparent in her career moves and it’s a lesson in the value of meaningful fan connection. 

She found her own way to share music and was an early Advocate of cultivating a caring and engaged Internet community and it’s paid dividends!

She keeps the doors to her process open and welcomes fans to get involved with the process of her making.

She looks at her real life makes changes to fit shifting priorities at home.

She’s highly adaptable, highly talented and very down to earth.

No wonder she has so many supporters that get behind her wild, pioneering visions.

We get to chatting about a very important and exciting project “the creative passport” thats going to be available to try in Beta this month of nov 2020. 

The future as a simpler place.

 I say bring it on. Check it out! here’s the link (in the Showwwww notesss!)


Music for the show comes from the wild experiments of Mr Max/MSP Tom Hall. Good stuff !

All music is selected from a new EP - bestowed-order-on-chaos .. CHECK IT OOOT.


Kind show sponsorship comes from who are providing a VAST library of sounds for royalty free use. It's not all hip hop as I demo at the top of the show! All the foley was found from simple searches. Everything from the Babbling Brook to heftiest 808s can be found upon splice in seconds. Wild modern tech! I use it all the time. No need to look for that pesky missing piece anymore. If you can search it, you’ll likely find it :)