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hanging out with audiophiles

Sep 2, 2020

Dana and I have known each other for 15 years now which is a bizarre fact to me. Feels about right, although I have no idea how 15 years ought to feel. I have so many fond memories of hanging out with her on our many epic road trips where we’ve traveled from Spearfish Dakota to Osaka Japan, played massive festivals and dive bars galore. I’ve been really happy to see her musical project Vorhees come so far and you’ll hear in our chat about the huge array of different disciplines Dana Has taken on and the way that it all begins with a leap of faith and an admission that you know nothing when you start out. It reminds me of a great interview with David Bowie where he talks about the necessity to be in over your head when you start a creative project so that you’re not going through the motions. It’s great to be reminded that we all start this as absolute beginners but Dana and I have definitely put in our 10,000 hours though by now :-) it’s great to have her on the show. 

Check all her excellent work here:


… In this episodes Nitty I will attempt to turn my humble acoustic guitar into a string ensemble and all for only four dollars! 

Music for the show comes from REV One. Check him on bandcamp here :

Kind sponsorship comes from distrokid. 

For less than $20 a year you can upload your music to all The major streaming platforms with ease. It’s really a no brainer.