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hanging out with audiophiles

Jul 13, 2020


Welcome back after this 2 month pause! To the news:

I put out 3 new songs on an EP called 3 4 U that can be found on my Bandcamp page here

All money raised goes to Black Lives Matter so please dig deep and chip in if you can. To all of you that have already been generous enough to contribute, thank you!!! 

I was on the fence about releasing this material as it’s very private but I now want all my art to be direct and belong to my life in as deep a way as possible. Maybe another positive of this time. There’s no need to hold back what’s eating you. Art can heal if it’s allowed to burn.


I wanted to read a quote from an article that found its way to my phone today. It’s written by a lawyer in New York by the name of TaLona Holbert.

I find all of this to be self evident but also it’s very clear that remaining silent on matters of race in this time is unacceptable. 

It’s not got anything to do with politics, it’s a matter of acknowledging racial inequality and not denying it. It’s a matter of justice and education. We can all do our part. 

Talona says:


I believe that change is possible and that change is imminent. I am hopeful that someday, Black children will not need to be warned about Black inferiority and can move through life expecting and receiving the same opportunities as equally qualified white people. I hope that Black children can one day bask in the same innocence that white children have always enjoyed. I want Black children to see themselves reflected in textbooks, toys, everyday personal items and mainstream American culture and society.  Because they, too, are American.

Black children should see streets, schools, buildings and bridges named after accomplished Black people whom they can admire. Black children should see a succession of American presidents that is as diverse as the American electorate.  They should see monuments and currency reflecting the many Black people who have contributed to our society.  And when future Black students are finally taught about anti-Blackness, Black inferiority, police brutality and racial injustice, it is my hope that those lessons are taught in the past tense.  



My guest on the show is now an academy award winning writer. That’s a first! Well, actually.. Mark Ronson won that too for the Gaga song “Shallow” that they both wrote. So congrats also to you Mark!  

Back to Andrew Wyatt.

He is a solo artist and member of Miike Snow who’ve been at it for quite sometime. We’ve bumped into each other on the gigging circuit several times but I’ve never had a substantial chat with him. I really enjoyed the hang we had in his LA studio. What a wonderful creative zone it is. I recall a little while after this interview, sitting with Bobby, Haxan Cloak in a restaurant and he was telling me just how good a player Andrew is. I started following him on the gram and he’s been posting clips of himself at the piano. I just love the style he has. So much flavour. Makes sense to me now thinking of the way he writes and the harmonic and melodic world he lives in. 

We talked a little about his chronology and music but also got good and lost down the side roads of philosophy. My kind of ramble! It gives me great pleasure to welcome to the pod this  accomplished master in the game. Andrew Wyatt


The Nitty in EP 69 is all about a dose of clap. Yeah. Make a hand, make many hands and make them clap. Electronically in this case. I attempt to make an 808 clap with machines from scratch.


Thank you to Josh Hogan and Ned Beckley for providing music from the show today. It all comes from their soundtrack to the movie “Below”

Check the whole thing here it’s a great listen!


I now have a YouTube channel that has a few video nittys on it:


See you in a Bi (week nat month!)