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hanging out with audiophiles

Apr 29, 2020

Please welcome the one and only Lev Perrey to the show!

This man is a serious badass. 

He’s the Director of Product Management as Universal Audio which is a hell of a gig.

He’s been intimately involved in development of the Apollo hardware and now the fantastic, fledgling DAW they called LUNA.

This is something a little different for the show. It’s amazing to imagine what it REALLY takes to move the needle in the world of pro audio product development.

No one can argue that’s exactly what UA have done. Fascinating man!


I wanted to alert you to my appearance on the Luna After Hours YouTube channel.

I got into making a spontaneous bit of music in Luna live on stream. Good rush!


I was happy to also be a part of a new “Isolation Choir” free expansion for the fantastic G-Force software Mtron plugin.

They put my voice in the machine!

Good rush :)


Music for this Episode comes from 

Joseph Holiday and his project 

Snakes of Russia

Tracks featured are all from his new EP 

“At home with Lions”


Big news for me is…..

Video nitty 2 is here!

I really went deep on this 

It’s called the sound of one hand drumming

And it’s my attempt to play a real drum kit with a theremin. 

Yep.. theremin to bounce convertor

Here’s a strange hacked down bit of audio from that production for you!

Please go and check it out on the hanging out with audiophiles YouTube channel


Thank you to Universal Audio for kind show sponsorship !

Check out Luna!