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hanging out with audiophiles

Apr 7, 2020

My guest is a master of the dark arts. 

A minimalist with a big sound. 

A pioneer and a deeply clever chap. He’s an audio visual mash man that’s got tasty taste. A rare combo!

Some may be aware of the music master mind that is William Fields but to those of you that don’t know him he’s very much needing to be on your radar.

I got into a small side road ramble whilst in conversation with Richard Devine on EP 57 and we were talking about limitations in eurorack for sequencing and how he wanted to get into using a computer with algorithmic composition tools to vastly expand the possibilities. I asked him if there was anyone out there making any listenable algorithmic shit and he told me of William Fields and the rest is history.

Get over to Williams FieldsOS page on band camp NOW!

There’s 24 tracks up there that are.. get this. 59 mins long EACH . WTF?

Long form expert explorations of a style. 

One is called Footwork, another UK Garage and then there's the fantastically bonkers Unconstrained.

It’s mind boggling stuff and I wanted to know what the hell was going on so ...

Stay tuned!

Links to William’s latest releases, both from January:…


Music for this episode comes from:

Luke Bace  ~aka~ LakeCube






Shout outs!

In this time of streaming 

I wanted to give a shout out to Divkid for keep everyone informed about goings on with the streams.

What did I watch so far?

Colin Benders (great modular techno)

Kieran Hebden who did a fantastic Boiler room streamed set and raised

$10,365 for the Global Food Banking Network

Here’s that set:

Andrew Huang put together his march earnings and gave to 

@DirectRelief for their efforts in the pandemic. He raised $6541.70! 

I made some new stuff:

Grab my companion pack to follow up on the marvelous work of @Hainbach101

Find the samples here :

They are Free or donate as you like…

I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by the response. Thanks to all of you for grabbing it! I hope it brings you some funk!

It’s still very much available. 


So sad to hear about Bill Withers. It’s just one that weighs heavy on me. What a singular talent, what an example of a pure soul. 

The honesty just shines through in his work. Hit me hard. RIP Bill.

I felt inspired to try and make my own humble tribute to the man. 

I reached out to my friend in hiding, Chancey and he immediately had bass and guitar recorded for the song.

I’ve actually since had my neighbour across the street, Rob Burger add some additional keys 

There MIGHT well be a special guest making a string arrangement in a month. Fingers crossed.

I’ve been really moved by the speed of response out there to this idea. Everyone’s been amazing. 

Here’s the video of the song:


Today’s nitty is a first for this show. After 134 weeks of making this thing I’ve gone and made a video for the nitty. A viddy nitty if you will.

It’s a tear away from the recent sample pack video I made. A few people liked the motor piano clip so I figured I’d try an expanded idea emerging form that little seed.

I have been trying to keep productive in my evenings which is when I get to work. 

I apologize for the slackness getting this show out but I’ve been trying to get my head around lots of things im no good at!

My wife is an incredible visual artist. She’s long been a professional photographer so we have lots of good cameras in the house but its definitely HER world.

Anyway after the sample pack vid I started the journey on the video making road. 


First of many hopefully!

Thanks for joining me folks. Likes, Camera, nitty!