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hanging out with audiophiles

Mar 17, 2020


Ack. Not a great time. We've a delayed show coz I had the tummy troubles and now we should all be inside sheltering from this bastard of a global pandemic. Don't be stupid. Stay IN and wait this shit out please. We can break the curve if we stick together and hopefully antivirals will be along soon to mitigate the symptoms before the vaccine shows up. ANYWAY I don't need to add to the viral news. I'm sure you've all heard it all by now. Let's get .. on... with ... 

The show! what is it ?

For your entertainment and pleasure I bring you a chat with Norwegian artist Lido. Phone hangs are gonna be the way for a bit. He's an easy going follow of 27 and already has a lot under his belt. He's already worked with big names like Chance the Rapper, Banks, Disclosure and many more. Great drummer, keys player, singer, arranger, producer. He's a man with many hats. Big hats y'all!

Great to have him on. He's got a new song coming 25th March called "Postclubridehomemusic" should be a goodie.


In the nitty I get on speed. MIDI vs Gate/Cv who wins?



Music from today's show comes from Mark Hadley. He's a serious badass. His most recent record is called, rather aptly "The Future is the Question"

find it here 


please send musical submissions and inquires to