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hanging out with audiophiles

Feb 10, 2020

Welcome to 64. 128 weeks of the pod :)

This time I'm in the company of two fifth of the band local natives.

I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with these 5 fine fellows many moons ago, somewhere in Ireland. A bland, underwhelming festival that we both remember as such.

We had afternoon slots. It was grey. The food was grey. So the contrast of this mini reunion was stark in the most pleasant ways. 

Nestled in a secluded sanctuary, up a rambling incline somewhere in sunny LA, I caught up with Ryan and Kelcey. 

It was on the 11th day of the 11th month of 2019 at 11 am! Triple 11s. 

The chats took in the nature of extended band existence as we explore what it takes to play the long game.

We chat of the mystical album making process in a satisfyingly deep yet jovial fashion and I can see that making music with these guys would be a blast. 

Their last album was produced by friend of the pod, Shawn Everett. The master of play, the master of effort over convenience. 

It’s a Shawn love fest after a spell and rightfully so. 

Hope you enjoy this deeply pleasant hour and a bit I got to share with this fine fraction of the wonderful band that is Local Natives!


Music for this episode comes from far far away. 

It’s songs from an EP called “fishing from an asteroid” by PlaneFace aka Daniel Pliner. 

Just amazing work. Such a great grasp of the sound and flow. Damn. I was super impressed by this stuff.

Here’s a link for your listening pleasure:

Fishing from an Asteroid by PlaneFace


Nitty sees me all clustered up.

I’m armed with a crazy computer and Spitfire audio string sounds up the wazoo

It only seems right to add layers upon layers of notes and scatter them willy nilly into the ether

Clouds of ascending strings. 

Yep samplers to the ready


Kind sponsorship of this episode comes from 2 badass makers in the synth universe     4 m s.

Makers of modular magic like the spherical wavetable navigator, the bonkers topographic delay, the shifting inverting signal mingler and LOADS LOADS more.

They’ve been at it since 1996. Amazing to have them on the show

Also amazing are the good folks at 1010 music

Makers of some delightful machines

Not least the bitbox that I NEED to get my hands on.

When I saw Richard Devine play at the korg booth this year at NAMM 2020, I saw he was using 2 of these bad boys.

You know if Richard’s using them, it’s gotta be sick!