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hanging out with audiophiles

Jan 27, 2020

We have Royalty on the pod. 

Sometimes when I do this show I really have to pinch myself and this was a case in point. 

As a teenager I only had one idol and only cared about one band. I ultimately ostracize myself from the vast majority of my schoolmates since nobody in Huntington Cambridgeshire cared about Prince and the Revolution. I just happened to be one of those people that was completely and utterly immersed in that sonic universe. Initially I just couldn’t take my eyes off the bright light of Prince and let’s be honest he was quite the supernova. 

The thing is as a fan I couldn’t help but wonder why there was something so different about the output between 1984 - 1987. (Purple rain, around the world in a day, parade and sign of the times) 

Why did that era Stand out so wildly from the rest of his work? Why were the arrangements more daring all of a sudden? Why was the sonic landscape more varied and Rich? 

Prince could do so much on his own but with the BAND it just went to the blooming next level. 

I can truly say that without Wendy I never would’ve dreamt to be a musician myself. I may have gotten into Prince had she not been in the band I suppose but I feel like the incredible chemistry of everyone together was something that I felt all the way across the Atlantic and it sparked my imagination like nothing else.

I never knew Wendy’s story before this chat so I was fascinated to hear her open up about her incredible childhood. You’ll hear how she was surrounded by music on an extremely high level from a very young age and it clearly all went in and it all makes sense now why that beautiful mind she has added so much vibrancy and Colour to all that music.  Wendy and Lisa continue to make great records to this day and are always searching and finding ways to express themselves and make thro it in this messed up music business. She wears the crown but she wears it with such grace and you’ll hear just how humble, generous, Funny, friendly and open she is. I’m still finding it hard to believe I met Wendy and had a chance to chat with her in her own studio, but that dreamer from Huntington walked into the room buzzing with anticipation and left with a Cheshire Cat grin.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome to hanging out with audiophiles the incomparable Wendy Melvoin!


Music for the show comes from MALK

This is an unreleased recordedmade with by Nathanial Morse and his brother, under the name of MALK. 

Find out about Mr Morse here:


Nitty sees my cascading. Riding the uppers and the downers. Messing with the fabric of time again. No big deal :)