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hanging out with audiophiles

Nov 25, 2019

Welcome Rodaidh McDonald 

We met through our mutual pal Bobby Krlic (my guest on EP33) and got a brief chat in. I realized quickly that he’d working on the Sampha record that I really love called Process and I had so many questions. We get into that and oodles more in this face to face hang at Rodaidh’s brand new house in LA. He had literally just got his gear in the place and there were a bunch of boxes and dreams lying around so I was very grateful to be welcomed into that rather vulnerable scene. 

He’s a creative force and has a stack of potent collabs under his belt. 

To name drop a few: 


Bobby Womack

The xx

Damon Albarn

King Krule


David Byrne

Brian Eno…

Yeah I mean he’s heavy.  It’s clear his calm manner and focused ways clearly help him to see things through to the end. The hallmark of a true producer. 

It’s a pleasure to ramble though the timeline with him!


nitty 59 explores the transformation of the PA mic feedback “issue” into a layer cake of pitchy joy. Tall order!

No more “uh uh” just whip it through some cascades. Watch it spin into space. Something like that


Music for this show comes from Mason Cos who are an electronic duo based in Denver, Colorado. Originally formed as a Krautrock-leaning live band in Chicago around 2016, Mason Cos then discovered the joys of experimenting with analog synthesizers.