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hanging out with audiophiles

Oct 14, 2019

My guest today has been watched by so many people it’s hard to imagine all the eyeballs!

Quite a harrowing image actually.

440 million eye balls!!

Yes, that’s the amount that have viewed his now uber famous and ace youtube channel.

An quick and undeniable word to describe Andrew might be prolific. I mean it FEELS apt since he’s made over 50 albums of original music. 

It’s bonkers! The man must never sleep and yet he always looks so well rested! Many mysteries.. so many. 

Many questions too. 

I mean how to navigate the internet and win? 

How are choices are amplified by the web?

How to forge your own path?

He’s a great teacher, formidable visual artist and musician and super positive hang :)

It’s the wild west out there and Andrew has been riding his digital horse into unexplored towns for years now.

He’s been around and seen a lot on his travels

Let’s get into it

Please welcome to hanging out with audiophiles


Andrew Huang


Check his amazing youtube channel :


His 30 day class is underway..

Looks like you can Join a waiting list for next time



In the nitty I get into the rubby universe of the microtone! We just dip a toe in but it’s a trippy toe




Music for today’s show comes from a man that lives just down the road from me over in Knoxville TN

It’s from Nikki Nair. Keep that electro alive!





I’m selling a bunch of heavy studio gear at an amazing store here in nashville.

Check it out!


What am I selling?


Vac rac TSL 3 

2x Neumann pres (with meter) (220v)

2x Neumann comp (220v)

2x V74 line amp

Kurzweil k250 RMX 

Ensoniq mirage (with loads of disks)

Moog theramin etherwave (UK power)

2xUA2100 channel strips 

DSI tempest