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hanging out with audiophiles

Aug 19, 2019

RJD2 lives in Ohio!

That was NEWS to me

I often find myself there for family occasions since my in laws live in Columbus.

I never knew. I mean I would NEVER have guessed but isn’t that always the best somehow?


Plus have you EVER met a man named Ramble? 

So many firsts on the 52 :)


let us delve into schmod cast!


First off I’d like to invite you to invite to take part in a competition to win a badass Radial EXTC SA.

Yes the kind folks at Radial Engineering are running a giveaway to a random player so jump in and WIN this thing :)

Here’s the info you need!


Click this (before September 15th 2019)





I’d like to thanks Rob Hurd for the music you’ll find on the show.

It’s all from an EP called “Digital” 

Here’s the bandcamp link if you dig the mood!



In the nitty I try to make a digital nakamichi with plugins 


do I win?


Spoiler :


We ALL win!