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hanging out with audiophiles

Apr 29, 2019

Want to get into Endless?

Here’s the link to the HOWA jam

I met Tim Shaw aka Tim Exile in Berlin in the mid 2000s

We were 2 brits roasting in the furnace of creativity that was cooking in the East

It was a heady time. There were so many amazing performers around

Everyone from Peaches to Kevin Blechdom, Errorsmith to Neubauten 

You could inhale the punk as a gas and it fueled a lot of invention at that time

Tech was on that more steady and tangible bubble up and we were all trying to see how to combine our strengths with that digital promise.

Around 2000 I had decided to drop out of music making to be a builder of machines.

I got completely taken by the promise of Max/Msp and indeed it allowed me a great freedom to combine my voice and my obsession with the machine in a new way

I was making a living looping and Tim caught wind of those early shows and it set him off on a journey to build an absolute BEAST of a looper

I had travelled the Max way, Tim took the Reaktor to the loop limit. 

His flow machine was a joy to behold even in its infancy.

 I remember hearing it and being completely blown away 

Seem-less transitions and audio with no clicks!

All things my machine struggled with. Loops with various lengths all playing off against one another, FX that would cut and carve the shit into shreds only to have new layers swoop in to fill the void and uncover new counterpoints.

The Tempo could change. The Machine would time stretch and warp so beautifully. It was a marvel.

The ultimate looper. 

It's still is the best I’ve ever used and for a long time it wasn’t available to the public. 

That is until ENDLESS

I’m super proud of him for daring to explode this idea into the world as something more than an esoteric loop maker for just one user.

He’s had to quit his career as a musician essentially to focus on the company and now it’s happening.

Endless is beginning.

Exciting times and I’m very happy to have known the evolution of all this. I see how far it can go coz I know how far the looper has already taken me.

Wild rides to get this far and more to come. Please welcome the marvelous mind that is Tim Exile to the show to share his thoughts!


MUSIC for 44 comes from - The Great Turtle

Michael Sayer sent me a lovely mail about this improved music and how it’s born of an obsession with music making.

How cool is this ? Music made at the Birds of Prey Conservation Area in Idaho.

Check it out


Sponsorship for the show comes courtesy of the wondrous digital minds at Valhalla DSP! 

I’m thrilled to be able to have them on board as I’m such a fan of all their stuff and the JSUT released the new DELAY plugin

The best $50 you’ll spend on a delay, lemme tell ya! Get out and get it!


Speaking of which, thanks to Devon Gilfillian

The song we wrote together called “Get out and Get it”is out now as a single for him on Capitol Records!


Listen here


I use snips of the original demo vocal in the nitty gritty to show off the wobbly world of dual Melodyne 

Why not!

More wobbles in 2019!!!