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hanging out with audiophiles

Mar 18, 2019

Episode 40 welcomes Travis Stewart aka Machine Drum to the pod!

Travis is a badass I've know for some time now and is someone I’m lucky to call a friend at this point. We made it to brunching status !

I’ve had him over to the house in Nashville and we jammed once which makes me think

We really need to do that again!

I’ve also sung on a JETS track U.N.I. which was a real rush. 

Travis is one of those characters that gets the magic side of music.

He gets the fact that the presentation of ideas is important. To DREEEEAAAAMMMM

He gets that you don’t need much kit to make amazing shit (you can quote me on that)

He also gets that it’s good to share. 

So enjoy our ramble back in time. Yes!

We get into some Machinedrum time travel. How did a kid from small town USA get to wander so free?

The man is prolific and talented having pushed quality sounds through labels of distinction such as:

Ninja Tune


Merck Records

Planet Mu

Producing work for Theophilus London, Jesse Boykins III, Azealia Banks, and oh so many more!


He’s legit!!

This chat was from August 2018 so it’s been stewing somewhat and yet it’s as fresh as ever!

Great timing as JETS have a brilliant LP coming May 24 through Innovative Leisure



The Nitty is all about the 808 and creating the Clave and Cowbell using modulars. wish me luck!

Here's the link to the Sound on Sound article I used to make them. Super useful and deep series of articles.


Music for today’s show comes again from LakeCube. I featured his stuff in EP 32 with Ann Mincieli also


The show is sponsored by industrialectric 

Makers of incredibly noisy boxes !

I witnessed one for the first time with Leo Ross, my guest on Ep 38. His brother Atticus also uses these with Nine Inch Nails. 

I can see why. If you need a major sonic imprint these pedals are like no other :)